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A Bit Bored

It's been a very busy day and listening to the State of the Union is actually one for the boring thing to do. Instead of watching TV I just go to my room and make a start on the list of term papers that I have for my school. . That will ease all the tensions that I have felt for today. I'm actually so sick of hearing endless political problem, economic crisis, terrorism and many other factors that our country is experiencing.

I just think that some news are just too overacting and I'm actually used in all the problems concerning my environment. I'm starting to be pessimistic since it actually feels that there would be no exact solution on how to solve all the problems of the nation. I have to admit that achieving peace in one country is really hard to do. It must take a lot of patience and discipline also for those who are involved.

That's why I don't take a risk on going outside, whenever it's not needed. It's actually not safe anymore. A lot of things could happen once I stay all night long outside our house. I still love my life and there are still a lot of things that I want to do and once I end up doing some mistakes that I may regret forever, all the things tat I want in life will diminish.


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