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What is space ghetto?


is an image-based blog, founded around early Feb, of 2004. The official
motto of Space_Ghetto is "Themeless." The site is known for its wide
variety of content, ranging from cute animal pictures to horrifying
pictures of gore and violence. It is also notorious for having to
relocate itself on the web frequently, as it often loses support from
hosting companies and domain name providers due to Terms of Service
violations or technical difficulties. [edit] History Space_Ghetto
started as a community[1] on blog-community Livejournal where it grew
slowly until the peak of its popularity around 2004. The site began to
face internal problems. In one incident, a rogue moderator removed
privileges for all other moderators and deleted the journal (Allegedly).
This began a series of problems with the community and the Livejournal
Abuse Team, resulting in multiple community deletions and
re-openings[2], until the founder and the community decided to move off
of the website and avoid future closures. Since its move off of
Livejournal, the site has gone through many private server changes and
administrators. It has had many issues, ranging from inappropriate
content to being rejected by domain name sellers. In one notable
instance, the site was the focus of an outcry[3] by groups of animal
rights advocates concerning pictures taken from a russian weblog. [edit]
Content The content of Space_Ghetto consists almost entirely of
pictures, with videos and music files being posted from time to time.
Given that the theme of Space_Ghetto is "Themeless", there are no set
criteria for what can be posted, nor can a user expect to see anything
consistent when visiting the site. Certain subjects appear more
frequently than others, however. Gore, nudity of artistic and weird
types, modern art, and cute pictures of animals make up the majority of
posts. The site is strongly based around its community, centering around
its IRC server.

- Geofreybeene

Original space ghetto charter from live journal. (2004)

This forum has no bounds or limitations. All are welcome within reasonable levels.If you join here
get used to being right next to the people you hate, and you do hate someone..almost everyone does. Keep an open mind. Dont expect any respect if you give none. Evil is a manifestation of human beings and is not shunned here. So loose the self rightious, primadonna ego triping BS, step down from the pedistol mommy and daddy put you on and join this world.

(go ahead shock me)

..if you think you can.

(things that wont condem your admission) ,brown ,yellow ,off white, gay, bi, straight, smelly, ugly, handsom, poor, rich, accomplished, unmotivated, trailor park residence, spelling nazis, trolls, youths, elderly general minorities.

(things that will get you banned)

..Someone of that caliber has yet to join.

I provide this place for people who
need somewhere to revert to a more primitive
form of life, strictly for aggression release.(vent)
Keep in mind this is not space_ghetto's only purpose. If this community keeps one 12 year old from spraying uzi rounds in home room, it was all worth it. We love everyone

In 2011 the website was usurped by adopted administrator skeezoyd. Alleging the founder was abusing members while moderating one of them on IRC (banning). The Founder with great reluctance terminated that incarnation. Thus forcing adopted administrator skeezoyd to either resign as he reported to the founder or recreate the site as he saw it excluding the founder's administrative role. Had this occupation not happened things would have stayed more or less the same. One member prophesied the spilt of the community by stating months before its happening (paraphrased). It was a trend that all communities on and off line go through and inevitable. This information resonated subconsciously in the founders mind as fact. These turn of events spawn the creation of along side

- nigamajiga
Some history for those not in the know:

As some of you may have noticed, the past few days have been awfully eventful for the entirety of the SG society. There's several reasons for this, but the important and central point I'm going to focus on is the dramatic change in management. Obviously, there are always going to be conflicting idea about what SG is or should be, and that's no different in the case of the two people who have been closest to SG for the past couple of years. Nigamajiga and myself took it upon ourselves in 2009 to drastically change the layout and scope of the site. He had lined up several interested parties to host us as we simply couldn't operate on shared hosting any longer due to the nature of our site. One of those options available to us was too good to pass up as it was an SG user by the name of Alexfoo who was offering us a free URL and hosting which at the time were out of our limits due to them being tied to terminated accounts.

Fast Forward; Nigamajiga puts me in charge of all development of SG (and it subsidiaries) in it's entirety. It's at this point his involvement in the site drops to what he at one point called, "Public Relations." He is now generally considered the face and creator of spaceghetto. Things are going smoothly for a period of time and a lot of work is done which brings the quality of spaceghetto up and allows a boom of popularity in which we grow over 10 times in terms of pageviews and registered users. We have a new content management system and a picture host of our own. Feeling good about the stability and the direction the site is taking, I begin to plan for the future of SG in which we would not have to be reliant on free hosting of a good samaritan. This is the point when I begin the groundwork of making our own online store to funnel profits generated by SG merchandise into a business account for any and all future funding needed by the site.

However, Nigz has concerns about the profitability of the online store and desires a user subscription system instead, in which a certain percentage of profits could be shared amongst mods and admins, despite general displeasure at the idea. None of the mods or admins agree to taking any profit from the users. The complicated SG+ system is born anyway which causes general confusion and negative feedback which causes traffic to suffer drastically and the site begins to stagnate. Tempers flare and in-fighting begins amongst some members which is met with undeniable hostility by nigamajiga which can only be described as user abuse. Alleviation efforts on my part to stimulate some interest in the site (Free SG Weekends, etc.) are implemented fairly easily and without much hassle.

Due to the nature of Alexfoo's job at the time, he was sometimes not able to address server issues for quite some time which sometimes left us with periods of downtime and improper site functionality such as the email system or laggy page calls. We were simply too big of a site for one busy man to address every few hours. It's because of this that I suggested we become a customer to Alexfoo's company, or to move to a new server and thank him graciously for keeping SG alive when absolutely no one else could. In response to this, Alexfoo builds us a new, beefier server and things are going swimmingly once again.

Despite all of this, I continued to work with nigamajiga and develop the site. A lot of my work is continually undone by nigz to save "server resources" and many of my ideas never see the light of day. New user registration is shut down favoring a manual "Donate X amount of dollars to get an account" through an IRC channel operated by nigamajiga. Frustration with him charging users to post and using the site as a paycheck begins to set in. I attempt to voice my opinions and was continually met with half hearted attempts to appeal to my sense of community and the betterment of SG as a whole. I always told myself, "Well, he knows the place and the people better than I do." despite many, many users telling me otherwise. Over time, I eventually became aware that I was the buffer between his irrational thinking and acts and the site itself. He had placed himself in a position above and outside the circle of SG and that left me holding the keys to the future of the community.

Dissension was always my last intention but in the end Nigamajiga and I simply had two very different ideas as to what SG should be. At one point he had the same perspective, but I'm sure you'll all agree that it has changed over the years. All of this lead to a separation of SG management. I try to be humble, but I think my track record with this place speaks for itself, and sometimes you have to acknowledge that. That's especially apparent when you have full support from the community you helped to build and give a place to call it's own, because when it all comes down to it, the reason SG exists is not because of Nigz, myself, Alexfoo or any of the previous admins of the site. You guys, the users, are the sole reason for the existence of SG and I'm simply here to make it happen. I have always vowed to make this place the best it could be and a place I would want to visit. Hopefully, most of you share the same vision.

Some facts:

* There is absolutely no animosity from me towards nigamajiga. I acknowledge and respect his dedication to SG and hope we can one day be a united force again.
* His new site is previously known as the Beta SG. Please give him some of your time and check out his efforts.
* There will be absolutely no lines drawn in the sand here saying you must choose one site or another. As far as I'm concerned, we're still the same place.
* All funds previously accepted by me personally are going towards the invoice of this server and any other projects that may come down the road. That money has not been lost, stolen or misappropriated.
* I vow to always have transparency into the management of this site, all you have to do is ask if you have a question.
* All accounts of events stated here are solely from my perspective alone.

Thanks goes to EVERYONE involved in SG, no matter their level of involvement. Special thanks to my moderators who always have great opinions and advice (especially those with opposing views, I value that the most). Extra special thanks to Nigamajiga for actually getting me involved in SG when I wasn't even sure I wanted to.

- skeezoyd
Later posted as sticky post (

Just an FYI

The old image host for SG ( has been pointed to another non-spaceghetto controlled site. Use it at your own risk. This means that all your previously uploaded photos will not work when using that URL. Instead, use as a replacement and you should see your images once again. Sorry about all the confusion but it's only temporary until we get a new and better image host up.

- skeezoyd
Thanks for coming to space ghetto. As you probably read on, there has been a difference of opinion and a parting of ways. regrettable. I want to thank skeezoyd for providing a link to us. skeez you were my bro, so its hard to be mad at you. I just wish you thought of me the same. thats as much mud as you will see from me. Space Ghetto reigns on. open registration! behave yourself and be NICE!

- nigamajiga



spaceghetto is a barbedwire buttfuck from a sexy tranny -hrngh
spaceghetto is our own personal /b/ - Fusion
Space_Ghetto is a roller coaster of emotions, a seizure for the soul. It is decidedly not /b/ - Iliad

spaceghetto is that girl at the party that is making out with everyone
but you, and you leave.. only to fall in love at a late night diner on
the way home with a girl who has a Snorks tattoo. - halfbad
space ghetto is nice. - Swollen Goods
space ghetto is poop. - lil fister
spaceghetto is my left nut. - Laser Bear
spaceghetto is themeless - dr_wrebagzhoe
spaceghetto is colin's motherfucking bear - laa laa

spaceghetto is everything, anything and nothing. It's what parents
fear and kids love. It's anarchy, chaos and cute baby animals. It's
whatever you make it. It's the alpha and omega, except that sounds
stupid. It's your mom and my mom acting out 2girls1cup, and my mom is
dead. It's big, beefy cock and epic, mountainous tits. It's not as bad
as some people think and worse then any of us imagine. It's that skin
tag you keep pulling at on the inside of you thigh that you could cut
off but you're not going to just yet. It's a zit on the inside of your
lip and warm sun while laying on a grassy knoll. It's something you
want to be a part of, but you never will be. It's not really that
important or that epic but we all love it anyway. It's a PTA meeting
that ends up being an orgy and then turns into a massacre that's
streamed live through tinychat. - bigTrue

Space_Ghetto is a suppository of the very best and the very worst the
internet has to offer. Too bad it crashes more often than Lindsay Lohan
on coke. - Dr. Tranny
Education & Inspiration. A great means of socialization and spiritual devotion. -Schaeffer
Space_Ghetto is like /b/, but with a memory. - Anita Bryant

Space_Ghetto is jerking off to various and sundry horrible
dick-shriveling porn, including but not limited to: rotting corpses,
fatties, 2-foot beef curtains, and maggot-infested wounds, then looking
at cute animal pictures, after which you argue quite eloquently about
the merits of reposts and why reposters should/should not have their
intestines pulled through their noses while still alive, and then ending
off the night with a 70+ comment thread about religious rights and
their place in today's fascist nanny-state. Space_Ghetto is also Repost
Sunday, Sausage Sunday, Turtsday, Caturday, and Colin's Bear. -Ninjapony

Space_Ghetto is reposts, birthday notices, and videos that get scrolled past - Aasdf

Spaceghetto is the very definition of humanity. It celebrates atrocity
and loveliness, ugliness and beauty. People gather to express their love
or hatred for everything they experience as well as each other. It is a
peculiar creature is capable of loving and hating at the same time. It
is defined as much by its triumphs as by its debacles. It gets knocked
down and still manages to get right back up again. It is guilty of
self-sabotage but constantly strives for improvement. It will spend the
rest of its existence trying to define itself. Spaceghetto is all of us.

Space_Ghetto allows us a space to satisfy our curiosity about each
other, something humans have long tried to do by rather sterile methods,
but failed. Not only can we be mutually voyeuristic here, but we can
also make connections between the participants, providing in a very real
sense virtual community. Also delectably enjoyable is the
idiosyncratic content of each user (some more than others, obviously). -
SpaceGhetto is a part of my regular every day life. -hollyyy
Spaceghetto is a great way to stay in shape! -elprincipiorickio
SpaceGhetto is better than TV. -mdmrules
SpaceGhetto is Life. -Thelder

Spaceghetto is the epitome of community. -me
Spaceghetto, it is the crack in my mold. -acrackinthemold
Spaceghetto is a ghetto in space. -Lewis Powell
Ghetto is a conglomerate effort to elude definition in all but the
broadest terms, manifesting from its own minute attention span.  Its
constituency is eclectic, with derelicts and sociopaths running amok
among recluses and wannabes, pithy perverts and salacious satirists
slathering smarmy sarcasm on everything in reach.  Space Ghetto is at
once sublime and lowbrow, insightful and offensive, whimsical and
Space Ghetto is "tits or gtfo!!1" smeared on the Mona
Lisa in rodent afterbirth.  Space Ghetto is the first amendment.  Space
Ghetto is 'merica!
SpaceGhetto is caturday everyday. -GnomeVillage
Spaceghetto is a place to laugh at dead people -MonsterTJ

Spaceghetto is the asshole of society. Everything you wish you had
never seen, you find on this site. If you have a bad day, spaceghetto is
both the best and the worst thing you could visit to cheer you up.

SpaceGhetto is the retarded kid you sat next to in school. Not the one
who smelled like hot dogs, or the one who kept banging his head on the
floor. The one who stood up on the lunch room table and screamed "My
name is Thor, and your mother's a whore!," and kept getting caught
masturbating in class. Yeah, that one. I hear he's a Representative in
Missouri now. Yeah, the one with Tourette's and who needed Depends.
Now he's making millions in kickbacks and bribes and banging
$1000-a-night hookers. Who'da thunk it? Anyway, most people in the
outside world have no idea what's on SpaceGhetto's mind, or if he even
has coherent thoughts, but if he does, they have to be awesome because
he just doesn't care that the world around him is mocking him. If you
ask nicely, maybe SpaceGhetto will share some of his most intimate
thoughts with you. They will somehow manage to be simultaneously
revolting and astoundingly awesome, but you will probably feel like you
got some sort of mental herpes after melding minds with SpaceGhetto, so
be warned! -Raketemensch
SpaceGhetto is the mirror that dare not lie. - Binary Pillow
SpaceGhetto is consensual rape in the missionary position. - Mclusky
SpaceGhetto seems so wrong but feels so right. -Catlady
SpaceGhetto is the hero the internet deserves, but not the one it needs right now. - Smythe
Space ghetto IS. -IronMind (suck my dick, HateRocket)
SpaceGhetto is the Ex that you want to fuck one more time. -TameRacingDriver
Space Ghetto is an engine of chaos - Dutch Master
SpaceGhetto is that anticipation when the feeling of a good shit is approaching. -Duckaluck
Space Ghetto is love. - soregasm
space_ghetto is the best way to start your day, unless you want to be on time for work. -Eurrapanzy
space_ghetto is the one your mother warned you about. -Cletus
Space is ghetto. -DKommunication

I think trying to describe space ghetto within 1cc of of an asthmatic
breath is fucking wrong. Don't ask. Observe and become more than you
were... Or less... Or Fuck You. - Grandmother

Space ghetto is a home, And within that home is a deranged family that i
fucking love. Even though i dont know all of the family members i still
love them. oh and everytime that home moves its a fucking pain and i
die a little inside. - Someguy

Space Ghetto is my mother fucking soul. It makes me laugh when I'm
down, It gives me something to bitch about when I am in a fuck the world
mood, It gives me the chance to pick on people when they fuck up and
also to get picked on when I fuck up. Space Ghetto is where we can be
who we want to be and not have to worry about people knowing who we
really are.. unless you have no shame. Space Ghetto is my personal
Heroin and I cant get enough. FUCK YEAH SPACEGHETTO!!!! - Captain Snap


Dear Mr. Internet,

accept the fact that we had to sacrifice several site accounts,
servers, and domain names for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think
you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are.
You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most
convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is .
. .

A brain . . .
And an athlete . . .
And a basket case . . .
And another basket case . . .
And a few more basket cases . . .
And a whole lot of basket cases . . .Jesus Fuck . . .
A princess . . .
And a criminal.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,
The Ghetto
space ghetto is 4 hipsters to poast picshures of theyrselves.